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Twitter is experiencing a massive outage right now

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Twitter is experiencing a massive outage right now

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is experiencing an outrage that began in the early evening on Thursday, with some users reporting problems sending tweets and refreshing their timelines starting shortly after 5:30PM ET. We have seen no new tweets cross our timelines since then, though we were able to find a tweet sent as late as 5:40PM ET using Twitter’s search tool.

User-generated reports on Downdetector.com are skyrocketing as well, but there’s no communication from the company itself as to the nature of the outrage. Twitter’s last major outage, occurring in February of this year, still allowed users to circumvent that outage by scheduling tweets. This does not appear to be a useable workaround right now.

Verge staffers are seeing the outage across the United States and in the UK, though we have been able to send a few DMs through the platform.

Twitter’s API status website still says everything is operational, although Twitter’s systems may be hindered in a way that prevents the company from updating the page. Twitter didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


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