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The Verge guide to MacOS

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The Verge guide to MacOS

Apple’s series of macOS (and iOS) devices aren’t just part of a technology ecosystem — they’re part of a lifestyle. From iPhones to iPads to Mac laptops, the constellation of tech devices, joined with the operating system and wide range of apps and games, are what make fans out of Apple users.

But while macOS is known for its ease of use and relatively failure-free operation, there are always questions that will come up — and we’re here to answer them.

If you’ve just bought your first Mac system, or are trying to introduce a friend or relative to a new Mac, we’ve got some great articles that can help. Whether it’s something as general as how to manage your system updates or take a screenshot, or more specific tasks like enabling YouTube’s picture-in-picture or how to use an external display, we’ve got you covered.

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