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Plugable’s $15 USB-C Adapters are Portable, Flat, and Handy

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Plugable’s $15 USB-C Adapters are Portable, Flat, and Handy
A USB-C to HDMI plugable adapter.

More and more laptop manufacturers are following Apple’s lead and going all-in on USB-C ports. On the one hand, that’s great because USB-C is the future. On the other hand, what do you do when you need to plug into a monitor with HDMI and DVI, but no USB-C port? Grab a $14.95 Plugable adapter, that’s what.

Plugable’s new adapters come in four varieties, but they all share a few common characteristics. They’re flexible, flat, small, and lightweight. According to the company, the adapters are under two inches in size and weight less than a AA battery.

Each adapter is made for a single-use, though. Plugable has a USB-C to HDMI option, USB-C to DisplayPort, USB-C to VGA, and USB-C to ethernet adapter. Just plug the USB-C end into your laptop, then plug your necessary cable into the other end.

That’ll give you access to monitors, or let you add an ethernet connection to your thin laptop. You don’t need drivers or software; every adapter is plug and play.

Plugable’s new adapters are available on Amazon today, and at launch, the company is offering a $2-off coupon,, bringing the price down to $12.95.

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