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Google Search Will Now Highlight Results Directly on Webpages

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Google Search Will Now Highlight Results Directly on Webpages
The Google Logo set against a wood background.
Justin Duino

Google Featured Snippets, the quick bit of text pulled from a website, often tops search results to give you an immediate answer. But when you click on the snippet, sometimes it’s hard to find that text on the website. Now, Google will help by highlighting text and scrolling you to the correct section.

Google Featured Snippets are great for all your quick answers. But sometimes, they only give half the information you need. They are, after all, snippets of info. The problem is, every website is different and sometimes the answer you’re looking for can come deep into an explanation on a topic.

A Google search showing a snippet for a How-To Geek answer, and then the linked webpage with highlighted text.

So you click on the snippet, and then you can’t find the section of text you wanted to read. Either you have you to scroll through all the information (which may teach you something!), or use the find tool.

But, as Google has been doing on Amp mobile pages for over a year, Google’s desktop search engine will now help you get to the information you need faster. Click on a Google Featured Snippet, and it will take you directly to the answer and highlight the text featured in the snippet. You don’t have to scroll, search, or even turn on an option. It’s all automatic. That’s in part thanks to Chrome’s new Deep Linking and Scroll to text features.

According to the official Google SearchLiason Twitter account, webmasters don’t need to do anything either. Google is doing all the heavy lifting. So everybody wins.

Source: Google via The Verge

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